Pledge with Chef Jehangir Mehta & UMass Dining

UMass Dining is changing the way the world eats and looks at food through the lens of healthy, sustainable and delicious cuisine. Now we’ve taken it up a notch through our newest retail concept: Chef Jehangir Pledge. With the assistance of world renowned chef/author Jehangir Mehta, we’ve created a concept that takes sustainable dining to the next level.

Diners will be invited to take a Pledge of the Day. Pledges will range from reducing food waste to increasing physical activity throughout the day and everything in between. The goal of Chef Jehangir Pledge is to promote practices that will create better global citizens increasing actions supporting sustainability, social responsibility, health and wellness as well as building community.

In addition to the pledge, there will be a unique handcrafted and healthy menu that features: gleaned and harvest ingredients, local sustainable seafood, underloved produce, lean sustainable proteins, vegetable forward main courses, healthy grains, and will source through ultra local partners.

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